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Below, please find important information pertaining to course registration at UC Merced. Please note that when requesting assistance, you must include your full name, student ID# and major. Incomplete requests for assistance will be returned to you for the missing information.

Registration Advising

myRegistration Time

You can find your registration time and status by following the “myRegistrationTime” link on the “Student Services” section of your portal.

Preparation for Registration Advising

  • Advising is on a walk-in basis only. Seek advising early, as wait times will increase the closer it gets to registration week.
  • Students are encouraged to check their MyDegreePath to determine their outstanding requirements before meeting with an advisor. Information on the MyDegreePath can be found at
  • Come to advising prepared with your printed audit, a tentative course schedule, as well as specific questions. Please try to keep your meeting to less than 10 minutes, as many students will need to meet with their advisor as well.
  • Check for any holds on your record that may hinder you from registering, and clear them up well before your registration time.
  • Sophomores can also meet with a peer mentor. Peer mentor walk-in hours and location can be found at the

Building your Schedule

Recommended Course Schedule Link
Unlike the course schedule within the portal, this link allows for easy viewing of linked courses and pre-requisites. Clicking any CRN (in blue) will provide you with course information including descriptions and current course pre-requisites. Please note that pre-requisites for courses can change without notice, and all students are held to the most current pre-requisites, regardless of catalog year.

General Education Courses

Information on which courses meet lower and upper division general education requirements can be found on your MyDegreePath or on the SSHA Advising website (for non-transfer students with catalog years 2017 and prior; for transfer students with catalog years 2019 and prior).

Information on campus-wide General Education program and requirements may be found on the General Education For Students webpage and your audit within MyDegreePath.

All course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found on the searchable schedule of classes.

Important Registration Information

Course Repeats

If you plan to repeat a course that you previously took and did not pass at UC Merced, university policy requires SSHA Advising to place an override in the registration system to allow you to register for that course. If you need to attempt a course for a second time, please complete a Course Repeat Request form.

If this will be your third (or subsequent) attempt at the particular course you were trying to repeat, you will need to fill out a "Subsequent Course Repeat" webform to the School in which the course is housed in.

Time Conflicts

It is the policy of UC Merced not to simultaneously enroll students in any courses with meetings or final examinations during the same time period without the consent of both instructors. You should first try to rearrange your schedule to accommodate the conflicting courses, or choose different courses. Otherwise, in order to enroll in both courses you will need to obtain the permission of both instructors utilizing the Time Conflict Override Enrollment form, found within the Registration and Enrollment section of the Office of the Registrar Forms webpage.


If a course is full, you should keep monitoring the course schedule for spaces to open up and have a back-up plan when drafting your schedule.

Independent Study Enrollment

Requests for Independent Study Enrollment will not be accepted until the first day of student registration. Information regarding this process can be found here.
If you are a student requesting to enroll in a SSHA Independent Study course, you must submit a completed Independent Study Form electronic form. You may acces this form within the Registration and Enrollment section of the Office of the Registrar Forms webpage.

Enrollment in Excess Units

SSHA Policy states that students requesting to enroll in more than 18 units during a semester must have a 3.0 overall GPA or a 3.3 GPA in the most recent term if the overall GPA does not meet the standard. Students who meet these requirements and wish to enroll in more than 18 units should complete a Petition for Excess Units webform. Enrollment in more than 20 units will require approval by the Dean.  In this case, the "Petition for Excess Units" form should be submitted via the SSHA General Petition Form.