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It is the mission of the UC Merced English Program to teach students the story of how stories are made, how they make a difference in the world, and how they form the foundation of knowledge itself. Stories allow the marginalized to be heard by the powerful: they help humans understand each other’s past and present, and they help us imagine different futures. 

The skills of critical thinking, interpretation, and writing that are developed in English classes are valued by multiple professions, including law, education, medicine, business, technology, journalism, politics, and social work.

Employers and graduate schools of all types hire English majors and admit English majors into their programs because they know that English majors know how to: 

  • Write orally and effectively and persuasively  

  • Empathetically value other perspectives  

  • Comprehend the connections of a global world 

  • Communicate orally effectively and persuasively.  

  • Read texts closely and critically, and synthesize complex ideas 

  • Evaluate how we know what we know 

  • Interpret and evaluate culture 

For additional information on the English major at UC Merced, please visit the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts website, or the English website.

English Four Year Major Plans

Below, please find four year plans for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Students should choose the plan that corresponds to the catalog year in which they matriculated to UC Merced. For more information on catalog rights, please click here.


English Major Planning Guide

Below is the planning guide for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.


Cognate Upper Division Course List

LIT Course Substitution List - View the LIT course substitutions for English Major requirements.

ENG 100

Effective Fall 2018, ENG/SPAN 100 will no longer be offered. English majors who have yet to complete ENG 100 must complete ENG 010: Foundations of Literary Studies. ENG 010: Foundations of Literary Studies will only be offered once per year, during the Fall semester. Students should complete ENG 010 early in their English-major careers, for this course is meant to serve as a helpful foundational introduction to the English major and th to the art of literary analysis.

ENG 101, ENG 102, ENG 103, ENG 104

These courses are only offered in alternating pairs every other year. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead.

  • ENG 101 will be offered in Fall semesters of even years (i.e. Fall 2018, Fall 2020, Fall 2022, etc.)
  • ENG 102 will be offered in Spring semesters of odd years (i.e. Spring 2019, Spring 2021, Spring 2023, etc.)
  • ENG 103 will be offered in Fall semesters of odd years (i.e. Fall 2019, Fall 2021, Fall 2023, etc.)
  • ENG 104 will be offered in Spring semesters of even years (i.e. Spring 2020, Spring 2022, Spring 2024, etc.)