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SSHA Academic Advisor Assignments*

*Note: Advising assignments depicted below are for non-first year SSHA students. All first-year students are advised within the Bobcat Advising Center.
Advisor Advisor to student majoring/minoring in:
Evelyn Cardona

Economics major/minor, Management & Business Economics major/minor, Global Arts Studies major/minor, Writing Studies major/minor


  • transfer; Economics, Management & Business Economics, Global Arts Studies, Writing Studies
Brenda Maldonado-Rosas

All Degree Completion Program Students

Lauren Brackett

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies major/minor, History major/minor, English major/minor, Spanish major/minor, Public Health major/minor, American Studies minor, Chicano/a Studies minor, Undeclared SSHA major


  • non-first year/non-transfer Cognitive Science, Philosophy
  • transfer Cognitive Science, Critical race and Ethnic Studies, English, History, Philosophy,Public Health, Spanish majors/minors, Undeclared SSHA major

Lorena Mejia

Anthropology major/minor, Political Science major/minor, Sociology major/minor, Community Research and Service minor, Geospatial Technology minor, World Heritage minor


  • transfer Anthropology, Global Arts Studies Program, Political Science, Sociology, Writing Studies majors/minors, Psychology
Valeria Salcedo Lomeli

Non first year/non transfer: Psychology major/minor


All SSHA transfer students

Vacant Student Engagment Coordinator, Academic Advisor



SSHA Academic Advisors Contact Information

Brenda Maldonado-Rosas

Director of Student Services, Lead Advisor

Phone: (209) 228-0037 | Fax: (209) 228-4007
Location: Classroom and Office Building 204

Lauren Brackett

Phone: (209) 228-0042 | Fax: (209) 228-4007
Location: Classroom and Office Building 204

Lorena Mejia

Phone: TBD | Fax: (209) 228-4007
Location: Classroom and Office Building 204

Assistant Dean

Megan Topete

Assistant Dean, Student and Instructional Services

Associate Dean

Anne Zanzucchi

Associate Dean, Student Services and Academics