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On Campus Resources

​​​​​​This page is dedicated to provide on-campus resources to SSHA students. While this page is not exhaustive, it outlines various resources our students have used in the past. Click below to learn more!

Basic Needs 

The students and staff within the Basic Needs Center at UC Merced work to create an inclusive environment for all and prioritize creating opportunities to promote positive systemic change by collaborating with community organizations, students, staff and faculty.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

The mission of UC Merced Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is to support the mental health and well-being of our students. It is the intention of all CAPS staff to provide a safe, confidential atmosphere of acceptance and accessibility to professionals in the field of psychology.

Health Promotion

The mission of the Health Promotion department is to foster a campus community that encourages positive health behaviors supportive of UC Merced students' academic success and well-being during their collegiate experience.  This is achieved by using available data and following a primary prevention philosophy in our efforts to provide health education, train student leaders, advocate for change and promote health equity.

Student Health Services

Health Services provides comprehensive medical, mental health and health promotion services to all registered UC Merced students. Services are designed to minimize the impact of illness, emotional distress and injury on studies and work. 

Financial Wellness Center

The Financial Wellness Center at UC Merced was founded in 2020, with the goal of assisting students to develop and achieve financial wellness by creating a safe and inclusive environment for students to discuss and learn more about their own personal financial management.  

Calvin E. Bright Success Center

The Calvin E. Bright Success Center provides opportunities and co-curricular experiences that aid students in enhancing their knowledge of university resources, academic and personal growth/ development, and advocacy and access. Through intentional collaborations and program delivery, they focus on overcoming barriers and celebrating academic milestones.

Student Accessibility Services

The mission of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to promote equal educational access and full participation by and for students with disabilities in the rich academic and campus life environment at UC Merced.

CARE Office

The CARE Office provides support for those affected by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking. Survivors can access services for incidents that occurred on or off campus. Support services are available to students, staff, faculty, and UC Merced affiliates. 

Monarch Center - Services for Undocumented Students 

The department of Services for Undocumented Students has formed a partnership with the UC Immigrant Legal Services Center to provide FREE legal resources for undocumented UC Merced students and their immediate family members.

Multicultural Center

With a focus on social justice, coalition building, education/training, collective healing and student agency, the Multicultural Center seeks to serve the UC Merced community and aspires to cultivate, explore, provide opportunities for interactions, connections – a sense of belonging, and gain knowledge to be equipped and prepared to thrive in a diverse global society.