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Our SSHA Peer Navigators


Helen Denise Jimenez

Education: Management and Business Economics

I chose SSHA because my major specifically allows me to be flexible in a way when it comes to job opportunities. I became a Peer Navigator because not only am I helping students with their major requirements, but it also allows me to meet new people each day working here. What is better than making new friends or connections?

Something I like to do in my free time is watch anime, play with my cats and play video games with friends. 

Berenice Aguirre

Education: Psychology with a minor in NSED 

I chose SSHA in hopes of eventually becoming a social worker or teacher. I became a Peer Navigator because in this position I will help a diverse group of people and I have the ability to help my peers with questions they may have about their academic paths.

Something I enjoy doing is spending time with friends or family. 

Jessica Preciado

Education: Psychology 

I chose SSHA because of the wide range of disciplines and opportunities within the school. I also believe it would help me grow professionally and academically. I became a peer navigator because I remember coming in as a first year student looking for resources, and I am now happy to provide and be one of those resources. 

Something I enjoy doing is spending time with friends and family, as well as listening to others. I really enjoy being around other people and laughing with them. 

Rosanelly Torres

I chose SSHA because it allows me to explore my interests. UC Merced has also allowed me to improve professionally, academically, as well as socially. Becoming a Student Assistant has given me the opportunity to connect with students in a professional setting. 

Somethings I enjoy doing are Photography and watching True Crime documentaries.