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UC Letter of Reciprocity

UC Reciprocity

The information below only pertains to students admitted as freshmen prior to Fall 2018 and students admitted as transfer students prior to Fall 2020.
Students who complete all lower-division General Education requirements prior to transferring to another UC campus are eligible to receive a Letter of Reciprocity from the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. Students who have not completed all General Education requirements at the time of transfer must complete the General Education requirements subject to the regulations of the campus to which they transfer (ASR 502).

In order to receive a Letter of Reciprocity, students must have satisfied the following requirements with passing grades:

Requesting a Letter of Reciprocity

To request a Letter of Reciprocity, please e-mail your advisor the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. UC Merced ID Number
  3. ID Number from the UC you will be/are attending
  4. Full Address and name of office/staff member where the letter needs to be sent 

Letters will be mailed within two weeks of request to the address specified in the e-mail.