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School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Transfer Transition Meeting (TTM)

Beginning February 17th, incoming School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) transfer students of Spring 2021 will be required to meet with your Academic Advisor or a Peer Mentor (Dariana Lara) during your first semester at UC Merced. We hope that meeting with your Academic Advisor or a Peer Mentor (Dariana Lara) early on will assist you in transitioning to UC Merced by facilitating progress in your degree and support in the development of your educational goals.

Seeing an Advisor or Peer Mentor for Transfer Transition Meeting

Your Academic Advisor or a Peer Mentor (Dariana Lara) will be available for this important meeting during virtual walk-in hours or appointments:

Be prepared and ready for your meeting by completing the following materials below before meeting with your Academic Advisor or a Peer Mentor (Dariana Lara):

  1. A completed Graduation Plan using MyDegreePath
    1. Using Plan Builder through MyDegreePath, complete a graduation plan, which includes all of your remaining graduation requirements by clicking here to watch a video tutorial on how to create a Graduation Plan. 
    2. You are expected to complete your graduation plan before meeting with your Academic Advisor or Peer Mentor (Dariana Lara).
    3. Undeclared SSHA students should complete a Graduation Plan for their intended major within SSHA.
  2. Must complete the Transfer Transition Advising Spring 2021 web-form by clicking here.

NOTE: Students wishing to complete this meeting without the above materials will not be seen, and will be asked to come back at a later time with the required documents.

Don’t Delay! Priority advising meetings begin February 17th. You will select “Transfer Transition Meeting (TTM)” as your service when making your appointment.

Remember: Your ability to register for Fall 2021 will be affected if you do not meet with your Academic Advisor or a Peer Mentor (Dariana Lara) prior to March 9th.


Here are some resources to help you create your personalized Graduation Plan:

Students who plan to complete their degree in their current (or proposed) SSHA major:

  • 2-Year Major Plans - These documents will give you a suggested 2-year plan for each SSHA major. 
  • Minors- You can find more information about SSHA minors here and School of Natural Sciences minors here.
  • Audit - The Audit will let you know all the requirements necessary to complete your major (and whether or not you've completed them).
  • Email – sent to you by your advisor regarding your SSHA Foundations/Transfer Credit Review. This email will let you know all the requirements necessary to complete your SSHA Foundations (and whether or not you’ve completed them)

Running an Audit on MyDegree Path and Printing on Campus

Students should utilize the following links to assist them with running an audit on MyDegreePath and printing any of the required documents listed above for the Transfer Transition meeting.

  • MyDegreePath - Check out the registrar's website for information on accessing your audit and MyDegreePath.
  • Printing on Campus - Can't print from home? Check out this resource page for printing on campus, as well as a listing of the IT Labs with computer/printing access.

Sample 2-Year Major Plans

Below are links to our SSHA major pages; which include suggested 2-Year Major Plans for each of our majors. The plans below are generic, and your specific plan for graduation may differ from what is indicated.