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With more than 400 million speakers worldwide, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and the second in the United States, where it is spoken by upwards of 35 million people. Spanish is also one of the languages most often used in California and in the Central Valley, as well as one of the four official languages of the United Nations. Beyond its relevance in the world, Spanish should also be well represented locally, since the University of California, Merced is a Hispanic Serving Institution. The major in Spanish at UC Merced will provide students with the linguistic skills and necessary cultural background to communicate their ideas in Spanish in different professional contexts, to think critically, and to analyze literary works. In doing so, the major in Spanish will help students to face the demands of an ever more globalized society, one that requires and values linguistic and cultural competence in more than one language.

Most employers appreciate employees with knowledge of a second language, Spanish being one of the languages most demanded. In order to use a language in an efficient manner, the speaker should be familiar with the main social traits that define the native speakers of such a language, as well as with their cultural manifestations, literature and history. Knowledge of the particularities of the language associated with professions is also a relevant tool to relate to and work with native speakers.

For additional information on the Spanish major at UC Merced, please visit the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts website.

Spanish Four Year Major Plans

Below, please find four year plans for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. Students should choose the plan that corresponds to the catalog year in which they matriculated to UC Merced. For more information on catalog rights, please click here.

Starting with SPAN 050


Starting with SPAN 003/SPAN 010


Starting with SPAN 001


Spanish Major Planning Guide

Below is the planning guide for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish.


LIT Course Substitution List - View the LIT course substitutions for Spanish Major requirements.

Spanish Major Breadth Requirement Courses

The following courses meet the requirement for "Upper Division Breadth Course" for the Spanish major at UC Merced:

  • ANTH 116: Indigenous Activism in the Americas
  • COGS 005: Introduction to Language and Linguistics
  • CCST 60/ENG 32/SPAN 060: Introduction to Chicano Culture and Experiences
  • GASP 013: Latin American Art
  • ENG 030-ENG 186 (Except ENG 113, ENG 114 and ENG 115 if the students have taken SPAN 113, SPAN 114 OR SPAN 115)
  • HIST 030A: Medieval Europe
  • HIST 030B: Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 031: Modern European History
  • HIST 123: Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the United States
  • PSY 135: Language Acquisition
  • SOC 180: Advanced Issues of Race and Ethnicity
  • SOC 181: Chicanos in US Society
  • WRI 105: Grammar and Style
  • WRI 140: Topics in Ethnic Writing

SPAN 100

From Fall 2018 the Spanish Program will stop offering SPAN 100, which is a requirement for majors. Those majors that entered the program before Fall 2018 and that have not yet taken SPAN 100 by Spring 2018, will be required to take one extra Spanish Literature or Latin American Literature or US Latina/a Literature instead of SPAN 100 before they graduate to fulfill this requirement. The course students will take instead of SPAN 100 will not count as an elective fulfill any other of the major requirements. Students will still need to take two courses that count as electives and courses to fulfill the other requirements.