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Jump-Start Your Third Year

  • Students with Catalog Year Spring or Fall 2019: Jump Start Your Third Year! is a mandatory meeting meant to help you develop a flexible graduation plan to ensure you achieve academic and personal success. Please check in with us as we near the Fall 2020 semester to learn about the process and important dates. 
  • Students in the entering freshman class of Spring or Fall 2018 are required to meet with an academic advisor or Peer Mentor within their current School by their fourth semester at UC Merced (for some of you this may be your fifth). We hope that this connection with an advisor or Peer Mentor will give you a jump-start on your third year by facilitating progress in your degree and support in the development of your educational goals.

IMPORTANT: Students must complete the Mandatory Jump Start meeting by Friday, April 24th. You can complete your meeting via Virtual Appointment or Walk-In!

Completing Jump Start will allow YOU to:
  • Identify resources available to help you track and sustain academic progress;
  • Outline your remaining semesters;
  • Determine how to organize and approach your academic plan utilizing your Audit and MyDegreePath

Seeing an Advisor or Peer Mentor to "Jump-Start your Third Year"

In most cases, meetings will take no longer than 15 minutes of your time. Advisors and Peer Mentors will be available for this important meeting during regular SSHA Advising Walk-in hours

Check in to your virtual meeting or walk-in advising with the following materials:

  1. Completed Graduation Plan using MyDegreePath
    • Using Plan Builder through MyDegreePath, complete a graduation plan which includes all of your remaining graduation requirements (Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to create a Graduation Plan).
    • You are expected to complete your graduation plan before meeting with an advisor or peer mentor
    • Undeclared SSHA Students should complete a MyDegreePath/Graduation Plan for their intended major within SSHA.
  2. If you intend to meet with a Peer Mentor, please have a downloaded copy of your current Audit, or a What-If Audit for your intended major, ready within 24-hours (Resources: how to run an audit/what-if audit through MyDegreePath). Undeclared SSHA majors should bring a "What-If Audit" for their intended major within SSHA.

NOTE: Students wishing to complete this meeting without the above materials will not be seen, and will be asked to come back at a later time with the required documents. Additionally, any graduation plan not completed via MyDegreePath will not satisfy this requirement. 

Don’t Delay! Priority advising meetings begin September 30th. You will select “Jump Start Meeting” as your service when checking in to our front desk. For those wanting to transition to a new major, you should meet with an advisor or peer mentor and they will inform you of your next steps and expectations.


Here are some resources to help you create your personalized Graduation Plan:

Students who plan to complete their degree in their current (or proposed) SSHA major:

  • Four Year Major Plans - These documents will give you a suggested 4-year plan for each SSHA major. Choose your catalog year: 2018
  • Minors- You can find more information about SSHA minors here and School of Natural Sciences minors here. When creating a MyDegreePath plan, you may add a minor to your plan.
  • Audit - This document must be printed and you must bring it with you to your meeting. It will let you know all the requirements necessary to complete your major (and whether or not you've completed them).
  • Graduation Plan Assistance - Our SSHA Peer Mentors are available to answer any questions you may have in creating your graduation glan using MyDegreePath. Stop by at COB 204 and request to see a Peer Mentor; make sure to bring a printed copy of your current Audit (or "What-If Audit")  and a copy of MyDegreePath/Graduation Planning document with you. SSHA Peer Mentors will only be able to answer questions you may have in using MyDegreePath and completing your Graduation Plan. You may find SSHA Peer Mentor office hours here.
    • Attend a "MyDegreePath" workshop with our SSHA Peer Mentors. All workshops will be held in a computer lab to help you navigate the graduation plans with ease. Click the following hyperlink here to view the flyer of upcoming workshops or see the flyer below.

Students who plan to complete their degree outside of SSHA:

If you plan to change your major to a School outside of SSHA after this term, you will still need to attend this meeting with a SSHA Advisor. You should bring a MyDegreePath plan with you for the intended major. To find out more information about how to build a personalized graduation plan for the intended major outside SSHA, see below:

  • School of Natural Sciences - Here you will find a full listing of what is required for any Natural Sciences major. You can also receive assistance with creating a Graduation Plan from their Academic Advising Mentors!
  • School of Engineering - Here you will find a full listing of what is required for any Engineering major.
  • MyDegreePath Plan Builder - You should create plan for your intended major using your catalog year (2016) to see what requirements you have already completed toward your new major, and which requirements you still have remaining.

Running an Audit/MyDegreePath and Printing on Campus

  • MyDegreePath - Check out the registrar's website for information on accessing your audit and MyDegreePath.
  • Printing on Campus - Can't print from home? Check out this resource page for printing on campus, as well as a listing of the IT Labs with computer/printing access.

Sample 4 Year Major Specific Graduation Plans

Below are links to our SSHA major pages; which include suggested 4-year plans for each of our majors. The plans below are generic, and your specific plan for graduation may differ from what is indicated.

Anthropology 2018-2019

Cognitive Science, BA 2018-2019

Cognitive Science, BS 2018-2019

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies 2018-2019

Economics 2018-2019

English 2018-2019

Global Arts Studies Program 2018-2019 (Option 1)

Global Arts Studies Program 2018-2019 (Option 2)

History 2018-2019

Management and Business Economics 2018-2019

Philosophy 2018-2019

Political Science 2018-2019

Psychology 2018-2019

Public Health 2018-2019

Sociology 2018-2019

Spanish 2018-2019 (starting with SPAN 050)

Spanish 2018-2019 (starting with SPAN 010)