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SSHA Peer Navigator Program

Our Peer Navigator Team

Every year the SSHA Academic Advising Team employ a diverse group of student scholars who are dedicated, flexible, and foster mentorship through interaction. We seek out scholars that embody UC Merced’s mission of “teaching, research, and public service; who promote diversity of all members of its community.”

Our Mission

The Peer Navigator program will provide all continuing and SSHA Transfer students support and guidance throughout their academic career. This program will serve as an essential part of the School of SSHA, designed to promote student success and support retention of SSHA continuing students by providing exclusive peer support that will enhance academic development.

Learning Outcomes (LO’s)

In working with a SSHA Peer Navigator our student scholars will have the following knowledge as they progress in their academic careers:

  1. Seek and apply credible sources of information regarding university and school requirements, policies, regulations, and procedures to make informed educational decisions
  2. Identify degree requirements and formulate degree plans in the expected graduation time frame
  3. Recognize the value of developing a relationship with staff (professional and student) and faculty within their areas of interest to continue building a network that support the student’s goals

How it works

All 2nd year a SSHA Peer Navigator for their first year working with SSHA Advising. The Peer Navigators will also provide general support for all 3rd year, 4th year, and SSHA Transfer students. The Peer Navigator will assist and provide insight for all students with a wide variety of needs, but not limited to:

  • Completing of mandatory meetings (LO 2)
  • Semester planning (LO 2)
  • Understanding Major and Minor requirements (LO 2)
  • Reading MyDegreePath Audits and Schedule Builder (LO 1)
  • Filling out university and school petitions (LO 1)
  • Knowing where to find and understand university dates and deadlines (LO 1)
  • Finding and utilizing useful campus resources that further support personal and academic success (LO 3)
  • Assist with transition from the Bobcat Advising Center and/or the Community College (LO 3)

Benefits of being a SSHA Peer Navigator

  • Form connections with the UC Merced campus community
  • Develop transferable professional skills
  • Make a positive impact in students’ lives

SSHA Peer Navigator Workshops:

Watch online video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Search: UCM SSHA Advising on YouTube or click the app!