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POLI Major Sample Plan for Completion in 3 Years

Completion of a UC Merced degree provides undergraduates the opportunity to develop disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills, knowledge and attitudes that are essential for post-graduate success. In an effort to support the diverse academic and post-baccalaureate goals of our students, UC Merced has identified accelerated pathways to popular degrees.

These pathways are intended only as examples to be used for comparative purposes; wherever possible they include generalities and not specific courses, and are meant only to show what is possible based on the amount of units needed to complete each program.

Individual student pathways can differ significantly based on prior credit received, course availability, student schedules, and other factors.  Consult an academic advisor for further details and assistance in evaluating the various factors involved in your degree completion.

When considering an accelerated pathway of study, students should weigh the opportunities and challenges with their academic goals (see the following table). Three-year degree plans are not for everyone; they do involve sacrifices, especially with respect to extracurricular activities and scope of study.  At the same time, they might reduce financial burdens, and allow students to pursue postgraduate opportunities more quickly.

3 Year Pathway

  • Single major unchanged from first year
  • Strategically selected curricular and co-curricular enrichment activities; limited time devoted to employment and social activities
  • Possible reduction in time available for professional school preparation activities
  • Extensive AP/summer sessions/community college credit is often required
  • Potential reduction of financial obligations; however summer financial aid may be limited
  • 3 Year Sample Plans
4 Year Pathway
  • Single or double major and minor options
  • Extensive curricular and co-curricular enrichment activities
  • More time to devote to professional school preparation activities
  • Requires minimal AP/summer session/community college credit
  • Standard financial obligations