Study Abroad

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) encourages its students to add an international dimension to their education by participating in the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP). EAP provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian language and culture in Rome, gain unique perspectives on Asian international politics and society while studying on the grounds of a royal palace in Seoul or apply psychoanalytic theory to social issues in South Africa. Each year, SSHA students attend these and other EAP options around the world. With proper academic planning, students can have the experience of a lifetime with no loss of time in completing their degrees.
For more information and to apply to study abroad, please visit UC Merced's Study Abroad website.

Prepare for your time abroad

  • Meet with the UC Merced Education Abroad Office (as soon as possible) to discuss your program options and requirements
  • Meet with a SSHA Academic Advisor for an initial meeting at least one month before the EAP Application deadline to discuss your academic progress, strategies for course selection, and the effects of EAP participation (if any), including issues with residency and application for graduation
  • After discussing your progress with a SSHA Advisor, gather program and course description information for 8-12 potential courses that may be completed abroad (depending on program length)
  • Complete the EAP Academic Planning Form required for their specific application and return to SSHA Advising for a signature and a discussion of potential application of proposed courses to your academic program, if necessary.

Tips for while you are studying abroad

Academic Advising: To receive the most accurate advising for the next term’s registration, students are encouraged to contact their advisor with their in-progress EAP coursework. Though this review does not constitute course approval, it should give both you and your advisor a good idea of what courses you will still have outstanding once you return.

Approval for courses taken abroad

Compile course materials for the courses you wish to receive major, minor or general education credit. This can be done before or during the term you are studying abroad, if you are able to procure all of the material necessary for review. Be prepared to submit the following via webform:

  • Course Approval Form
  • A syllabus in English. If translated from another language, attach the original to the English translation. Syllabi should include a description and summary of the course, required texts and readings and a week by week course outline
  • Additional materials including papers and reading lists (only if requested)

Decisions can take a minimum of 12 weeks after submission. Your SSHA Academic Advisor will notify you once a decision has been made regarding application of credit.
Please be advised that final approval is contingent on confirmation of unit values and final grades; this will occur once your transcripts have been received by the UCM Office of the Registrar. Courses completed abroad are subject to applicable School and University policies. For more information, contact your academic advisor.