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School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Global Arts Studies Program (GASP)

Global Arts Studies Program (GASP)

The University of California, Merced announces its new Global Arts Studies, BA undergraduate major that will be offered through the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) beginning Fall 2016.

The Global Arts Studies Program combines the study of visual arts and music, as well as the interactions of sight and sound in film, television, dance, theater, videogames, and other multimedia. We study these arts in historical and cultural context all around the world, learning about their inner workings as well as their place in society. The GASP major combines scholarly courses with practical hands-on training in ensemble and studio settings, for a rounded education in artistic theory and practice.

The program is global in many senses of the word. We study all fields of creative expression in multiple global contexts with equal rigor, from film screen to dance club, from ritual and touristic practices to museums and concert halls. Our faculty of music scholars and art historians helps students refine the skills they need to critically engage culturally diverse media. Lecture courses, seminars, studio classes, and ensembles are designed to explore creative processes and material connections.

Working closely with faculty, our students conduct original research and acquire nuanced insights in both sonic and visual realms. Students further deepen their understanding of global arts through hands-on training in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, music, and dance in a variety of cultures and media. GASP offers students ample opportunities to develop their professional skills by participating in community-oriented events—curating exhibitions, managing the UCM Art Gallery, and organizing recitals, concerts, and multimedia performances.

Steps to Declare

1. Determine Eligibility
Open to all students who are otherwise eligible to declare a major at the end of Spring 2016 (freshman, sophomores or juniors in good academic standing). Students with junior standing must apply by the change of major deadline for the Fall 2016 semester to guarantee eligibility to declare without additional petition. Students with senior standing or who have already submitted an Undergraduate Graduation Application are not eligible to declare this major.

2. Review documents
Review documents below for application of current and previously completed coursework towards the new major.

3. Submit Major Change form to COB 204
Major Change approval will be subject to Dean's review. Eligible students may be denied if declaration of this major will cause them to violate the Normal Progress to Degree Policy. See an advisor during our walk-in advising hours for more information.

Major Planning Guide